We are so fortunate and blessed in these times to be able to explore and develop our inner sacred consciousness. To be able to integrate this new consciousness into our daily personal and professional lives is a gift to our world, ourselves and our families.

At the same time, challenging opportunities and uncertainty surface as we are start to align our human and sacred selves. Our new insights and perspectives only carry us so far and the traditional coaching programs are not quite set up yet to incorporate this new way of being in the world.

SacredEvolvingLives offers a new approach to mentoring and coaching that partners with you in navigating through these exciting and turbulent times. Sue Vandittelli has successfully been working on her inner and outer transformation using the teaching and inspiration from Evolving Wisdom’s Feminine Power Mastery; Integral Enlightenment’s Evolutionary Relationship to Life; Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing & Coaching; Sharon Wilson’s Coaching from Spirit; Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above Vibration Program; Doreen Virtue’s Angel Work; Debbie Ford’s Shadow Work; Marianne Williamson’s Return to Love, Course of Miracles and much more.

Sue VanditSue Vandittellitelli provides sacred and transformative coaching and mentoring that empowers you to break through your current challenges to create a sustainable new way of being in life and business.

Sue is a Professional Coach & Mentor, Certified Ombudsman and Chartered Mediator. Her unique blend of business, life and sacred approaches results in sustainable solutions for her clients.

Have you ever?

  • Had a strong feeling that you were destined to play a large role in this life but something stopped you or kept getting in the way?
  • Spent years on personal and spiritual development, only to keep hitting a glass ceiling and going backwards at times?
  • Wondered why you seemed to be sabotaging yourself at times, especially when the stakes were getting higher?
  • Been overwhelmed about the number of different programs that had a piece of what you needed to grow but unable to fully integrate and sustain?

Do you long to activate and transform?

  • Your Unique Code to Success & Fulfillment
  • Sustainable Transformative Breakthroughs
  • The Don’t Know Don’t Know Factor in Your Life
  • A Significant Shift from False or Limiting Beliefs
  • Living Your Highest  Destiny and Making a Difference in the World
  • Your Own Inner and Outer Peace and Joy

Peace Dove

For more information, call
Sue Vandittelli 416-490-0911
or 1-877-508-8806

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