SacredEvolvingCoaching and Mentoring Programs are customized for individual needs and goals. Sue Vandittelli will assess and co-create a program using tools from the many different sacred, spiritual, life and business resources.
  • One on One Mentoring & Coaching Path
  • Group Coaching Wisdom Circles
    There are economical packages of 3, 6 and 12 months. Payment plans can be arranged to meet individual needs. There is an initial option of “I think I would like to try it out” program for the first month.

Options for Meetings:

  • Telephonic, Skype or In Person
  • Flexible with Days, Evenings or Weekends
  • Frequency can be Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly
  • Accessibility Between Meetings –Telephonic or Email

Results In:

  • Activating your Success & Destiny Code
  • Accessing your Own Inner Wisdom
  • Uplifting your Life & Others
  • Generating Sustainable Inner & Outer Peace & Balance
  • Transforming Limiting Beliefs & Business
  • Empowered Self Coaching Model for the Future

If any of this resonates, call Sue Vandittelli
for a complimentary exploratory discussion
at 416-490-0911 or 1-877-508-8806 or

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